Volunteering for Outernet

There have been dozens of email inquiries about volunteering for Outernet. Feel free to express your interest here. By talking about why you want to volunteer publicly, you’ll probably inspire others to do the same.


For me, something I’d volunteer to do is to help run scheduled tests? Something like ping or internet speeds from my specific location to help with accuracy, etc. I would probably also create a free learning solution as well as another service that can be accessed through Outernet and by anyone in the world. But the main guise for making it would be because Outernet was made.

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I’m totally in for a few reasons.

  • Ubuntu!
  • Disasters (I help with them at home)
  • FOSS
  • I have some satellite experience already (especially with my ham radio quals).


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I’m an IP video transport engineer for a large company in the US and I have a strong background in UDP multicasting via several mediums. I also have a strong background in fiber optics and RF transmission. This project to me represents what the internet was originally designed to be. I’d love to help out however I can.

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I’m a systems engineer in the aerospace industry. This project is realistic and could touch billions of lives. Outernet could:

  1. Provide free internet everywhere. Solve service and bandwidth limitations in urban and rural regions alike, from Shanghai to Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. Limit government censorship. Return the rights of freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and the press to all nations.
  3. Boost economic growth. People all over the world could attend trade or language schools and make smarter business decisions.

And the best part: this could really work.

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I’m a software professional from Indian IT industry and my major specialization is in .NET. I’m ready to contribute in this public interest.

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Hey Guys!

I would like to offer my help for the cause. I’m a System Administrator on multiple platforms (Linux / Unix, Mac, Windows) I also have experience with various virtualization platforms. I really admire the idea it can be the first step to the freedom of the internet. I have some doubts about the speed but still the idea is amazing and later on it can be upgraded.

Best Wishes,

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I’m a senior computer science student. I can’t do much but if you think I could help in some way then I’d be glad to try.


I have 15 years experience installing and servicing satellite systems and was once a wifi service provider providing broadband to remote areas that could not receive DSL or cable internet. Perhaps I could test receiving the services from the satellites and their signal strengths.

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Keep me in the loop -

I spent a number of years installing stabilised satellite antennas in a marine environment (C & Ku band), currently working for an ISP supporting VoIP and wireless links.

Hobbies include amateur radio - I’ve built my own kit to point VHF/UHF antennas at amateur & NOAAA satellites - have quite a bit of experience of what can be expected at different frequencies, have built my own kit for SDR (software defined radio) on HF frequencies.

If anyone wants to play with (and learn about) some of the cubesats currently in orbit - there is an amateur radio & educational cubesat recently launched buy AMSAT UK :-


There is a deditcated SDR receiver for this, called the ‘FUNcube Dongle’


However folks have had good results using SDR software with some of the cheap USB ‘TV’ dongles -
If you search RTL SDR / Osmocom you’ll find some further info.

Sorry for all the links, but I love playing with satellites - and if I can spread some knowlege on these - I’m more than happy to share :smile:


I have reliable multicast protocol implementation (NORM - Nack-Oriented Reliable Multicast, RFC 5740) that is very relevant to your goals here. It can provide reliability for unidirectional connectivity or highly asymmetric connectivity and has been previously used on small satellites like CubeSats and other SATCOM and wireless systems as well. It has also been applied as a convergence layer for Disruption/Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) implementations. Some details and the open source code are available from http://www.nrl.navy.mil/itd/ncs/products/norm. I would be happy to assist with its evaluation or use in your system.


I’ve worked for a certain “big blue” company for the past fifteen years, during which time I’ve watched (and helped) them rob money from their customers’ coffers, leading some to bankruptcy.

Time to repent and do something good.

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I’d love to volunteer for Outernet project.

I’ve been working in telecommunications for 15 years. During the last several years I’ve managed a number of large-scale telecommunications networks deployment projects for big nationwide carriers. I’m a ham radio operator.

Kindly let me know if I can be of any help.

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i would think it great to help

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I’m a high school graduate waiting patiently for a career that I should peruse. I wish I could be of more use, but my best wishes are with you. This is world changing stuff, happy enough just to know about it in this early stage.

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Master student here, currently looking forward to doing a PhD in computer networks after I finish this summer.
Experience with

  • Network setup of the whole network stack (Cisco/Juniper/Linux)
  • Network virtualization (Netkit)
  • Scripting in Python
  • Some Erlang & Prolog, Java & C++
  • A bit of entrepreneurship

Could help with setup and testing. Let me know if I can be of help. Great project anyway!

(Location: Germany)


Definitely interested.

Could help in troubleshooting basic connectivity on the east coast (Georgia).

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First of all, amazing project! Congratulations Outernet team!
I’d love to volunteer to this project. However my skills are in the art realm. I’m a music producer and I’d love to make the score/soundtrack/sound-design, for any up and coming films (of any kind) you guys will be shooting relating to this remarkable endeavor your about to set off.

If you are interested, contact me. I’l be more than glad to help.

Kind Regards,


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This project sounds great and I’d love to help out. I’ve been a programmer for over 18 years - .net, cold fusion, sql admin and development (ms sql, oracle, & db2) are my current tasks but have done perl and numerous other odds and ends. Focused primarily on web dev but do have a deep background in sql (jobs, database dev, ssis, optimization). Ping me if I can help in any way. Thanks and the best of luck in your future.

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would love to volunteer to use this. living in a rural area where internet access is extremely limited. places that offer service “anywhere” doesn’t reach my location. there is both linux and windows users in our home. internet and computer savvy in our house is basic/ minimal to technical/well versed. you could get input on service from a varied point of view. this sounds great!!

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