Waiting for data ... waiting - waiting - waiting

Why, why why ??? Yesterday was good, but not notice SNR, near 2. Later article about blind children stuck at 46%, not advancing. Packets continuing normally. Shut down completely.A couple hours later, fired up again. See same blind story stuck at 46% like before. Same thing late this afternoon when started again. Re-flashed the SD card for version 3.0 rxOS, Raspberry Pi 3+. Looks good and up to Tuner settings. SNR 5.2. See packets. Looks normal. Waiting for data. At least 30 minutes. Still waiting. Did a couple of Windows refreshes, logged out and back in again few times. Not mad at anyone. Just reporting. I’ve seen this before, but then wasn’t sure what I was doing! Thank You.

I am having some strange things too.

I suspect version 3.0 fine tuning is occurring.

Same here with the blind children story. I’m still on rxOS v2.0a2 / rpi3.

Interestingly, while that story gives the appearance of being “stuck”, some small amateur radio .tgz files are continuing to download.

-Scott, K4KDR

Wow, I thought it was just me! Guess what! Helping Children started again.It’s at 15%. One article being downloaded. Let’s see what happens at 46% Like I woke the main computer up!

Clearly Syed read our problem with stuck downloads, got up from his desk and went and “kicked” the Carousel server and it has all started again!!

Well, it looks like Syed should try a kick on the other side. For now it’s stuck at 44%:slight_smile:

Going to dinner, To be continued !

Sat morning! Now at 45% and still stuck. Good SNR and advancing packets.

How is it after a day?

No change; I’ve upgraded to v3 & rebooted numerous times.

Helping Children Who Are Blind (2000).pdf.tgz (45%)

FYI, I’m comfortable with SSH access & the linux command line if by chance I can provide any info from that viewpoint.


I should have mentioned that the .html & .tgz Amateur Radio files continue to download successfully…

Ok, so the receiver is working. It’s just the larger files. I’m going to delete those large files now and then discuss this with @Abhishek

FYI, Heptathlon.html.tgz came down just fine. There was just some issue with that one other file.

Thanks for all your work!