Weather balloons and sky library

Dear all,

I have an opportunity to send a live video payload during an upcoming solar eclipse. Payload will include raspi camera which will beam data back to a ground station via wifi modems.
The idea is to stream straight to a web page for anyone to watch for free.
It would me most interesting if the data could also be filecast too.
How might you incorporate the outernet into this system?

Are you sending back any ascii telemetry? ie altitude, lat long, temp etc of the ballon.

Maybe Outernet could backfeed the telemetry to all of us as a experiment?

Great idea, but Outernet would only be able to transmit telemetry…

A Video feed is to much vor the bandwidth. so that will not work :slight_smile:

Where will you launch the Baloon? US? EU? and when?


IMO, you would have a more solid feed if you use a 5GHz analog or digital video transmitter/receiver (like the FPV RC plane and drone hobbyists use). You can then encode that on the ground at whatever bit rate and quality you desire. You won’t suffer from packet loss or disconnects like you will with WiFi. Remember, the balloon receiver will be receiving a huge amount of WiFi traffic from that altitude and may have problems sustaining the link even with a directional antenna. There is no way to filter out unwanted WiFi or other traffic in the RF sense, only in the protocol, which will be swamped with unwanted garbage.