Weather Control Files

Is the weather info json for the globe returning to the broadcast? If there’s a technical issue, i offer my help. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s being worked on right now. But may take to up on your offer.

The weather data is being broadcast again. You can see some of the relevant files under What’s New. The weather app should have new data starting tomorrow.

Ideed weather data is downloading again, the oscar catalog.json is up to date. There are some empty grib2 files though. I was under the impression that the converted JSON data for the globe was transmitted and not the grib2 files.

Previously, both the json and grib2 files were broadcast, as we had requests from sailors who used the grib2 in other applications.

Is everything still looking ok?

Unfortunately not. During my audio experiments i found out that only the grib2 files are transmitted and then decoded on the dreamcatcher and converted to the JSON files (grib2json shell script). That’s except for the oscar JSON which contains the surface wave data, those are transmitted directly.

At the moment the transmittes grib files are 0 byte in size hence there’s nothing to decode. The URL where you can obtain them has changed slightly last year and switched to https. Maybe the content puller needs to be adapted.

The end/path of the CGI Url was of the form 2021032418 in the past (meaning data for the 18th hour of March 24th 2021) but now reads 20210324/18/atmos A valid URL for that date would be: