Weather Folders

I would like to know if the Outernet folders are correct. I’m using rxOS 3.1
I see weather files in various Weather folders. But, when I click on Weather, I do not see the “Globe”. Here is the Weather folder arrangement.

Outernet Folders)

Amateur Radio
(Weather Folders)
               json files
               json files
               json files
              json files         
          json files          
      gfs. files 

Is layout correct?

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Same query here. Asked in the thread about the new software update but didn’t get an answer. I understand the point of this project and also appreciate that it puts an emphasis on ‘roll your own’ but knowing what is a bug and what is normal would be a big help since I have been unable to find any documentation on this subject and I am sure the software team might like some accurate bug reports.

I think an issue of what browser one is using has not been addressed very well. IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome probably handle certain situations differently. I just put this post out. Maybe an answer is coming. Does your folders in weather look the same? Just noticed d4e8-Weather.tbz2 is stuck at 99%! Oh well :slight_smile:

Funny enough, I had the same file stuck at 99% for most of the day despite having a very solid signal, but as I was typing my prior reply I checked and the interface is working now. So to anyone else: Just wait. It took a couple days with a 8+ dB SNR for the required files to be fetched. But again…some notes on small issues like this would be nice. As much as I like to tinker with various RF related projects it is always good to know what is normal and what is a problem. Not really complaining as much as making a suggestion as I am sure many people that are new to radio and especially satellite reception could easily be frustrated and just quit. And I think this is important enough (or at least interesting enough) to ensure that people stick with it instead of just losing interest and moving on. I have suggested to a few engineers that to RF related projects for the military that also teach children about tech and radio to have them setup projects for the kids to build a radio and antenna for this and little tidbits that might be obvious to others could be a serious setback to their audience. But in my case it is looking good now, so I guess you just need to wait until you can receive all the bits in the payload.

I ran into the same problem with the globe not showing, but it took several days for all the apps and data to download.

I have also found the Firefox browser doesn’t render the globe as well as the Chrome browser. The best display I have gotten is on my Android Smartphone which is a “knock your socks off” display.



But here’s a question for Syed - - is there a way when viewing the Weather app, to determine when the displayed data was actually collected from the NOAA data base so we would know how current it is? Ken

The date displayed in the viewer is the date stamp of the data in the NOAA dataset - its exactly what you are asking for.

OK! I finally got the Globe by running all night, And I guess ignoring stuck stuff. I clicked on earth at left bottom and see screen like yours. Looks pretty good using Edge, Windows 10. Now what do I do? Almost afraid to click on anything more! We need a User Manual! Going to breakfast, but leaving everything on, probably forever. I might miss something. I think grass grows faster :slight_smile:

Congrats to all who made my day with weather. Cooler today in LA and weekend cooler yet. Patience to all.

Yes now I see it. My Firefox browser (which I usually use) cut it off, but the Chrome browser had it.

This means that at 1700 UTC 21 Oct, the Weather data is current as of 1800 UTC 17 Oct - - 4 days behind. Can that latency be improved? Ken

you have not received the latest data files. New data files go out at midnight UTC everyday.

This is what i see on my receiver:

And note that you can skip ahead to predictions using the “>>” control.

OK - - I missed the last few updates because as of now I am only up to 18 Oct 1800 UTC.

Can’t say why they didn’t come in, but now knowing the updates go out at 0000 UTC (or whatever the translation time is to UTC at your sending end), I will pay more attention. Ken

Abhishek, I received all of last night’s weather updates marked 21 Oct in the body of the JSONs, but my Globe did not render them even after I clicked the “ahead arror” on the Control banner. The display is still several days behind. Ken


Nope - - it didn’t do anything

Still 3 days behind.

Here’s the time in the JSONS I received today
“refTime”:“2016-10-21T18:00:00Z” ,

Perhaps one key file is missing? Ken

what are the time stamps in the json files in the “current” folder?

this is what the viewer should look like:

also, does Weather/grib2/gfs.2016102118/gfs.t18z.pgrb2.1p00.f000.grib2 exist?

By “Current Folder” do you mean the “grib2 folder”, because it is empty. Ken


I don’t have such a folder. All I have is Weather and it goes directly to the Globe

when the “globe” is open, if you click on the “browse” tab, it will show you the folders view.

Open Globe now here’s what I see

and in the Weather Tab

and these are the times in each JSON

“refTime”:“2016-10-21T18:00:00Z” ,

you have all the data. I am not sure why your viewer is not showing you the most recent one. Could you open it in a new browser session?

Click on Control: “Now” and then try moving back and forward - see which dates’ data is missing.