Wehe to download a Image?

Where can i download a Image fo a RPi1/2/3 or a C.H.I.P.???

Here is the CHIP image:

When you purchase the OuterNet SDRx 1v10 and the antenna, the shop still says that works and you can “SDRx can be plugged directly into a single board computer, such as the Raspberry Pi”. But everything I read says that this doesn’t work anymore? How do I get this to work?Is the CHIP the only option and which chip?

Where did all the images go?

I picked up a kit used with the CHIP and passive antenna.
It works on my laptop using the VirtualBox based OuternetInABox, but I want to use it with CHIP as a standalone unit. The CHIP that came with the kit was damaged, and I have spares, but need to flash them. The links to the images bring up 404 errors.

Please help!

–Neil, W2NDG
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