What about pollution in space!

I’m wondering what thoughts were given concerning pollution of space when bringing up another 100 satellites.
As far as I know tons of wasted material is floating around our planet without people knowing how to get rid of this garbage. In my opinion this should not become another problem for the next generation as we now do with nuclear waste.
Let’s first attack this major problem before making it bigger.

I don’t think bringing up another 100 satellites will do big harm in our 46 billion light years radius Universe. Even if it is polluted somehow, I believe we must sacrifice small losses for big gain. Also we cannot consider it as a problem for the next generation because it is a big leap for our following generations’ technology development.

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Yes, space is big. Also, all of the satellites would suffer from orbital degradation and eventually burn up while re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. So it’s self-incinerating space junk.