What are you using for battery?

I have found that with a 20 Amp USB battery, I can get about 1.5 days if not using the WiFi. Has anyone found a battery powered solution that lasts a week or longer?

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I’m using this for about 30 hours worktime:

  • UPS 12V lead acid battery (about 7Ah), you can go up to capacity whatever heavy you can lift :smiley:
  • 5V step down converter module with USB A socket
  • USB A to micro usb cable

the step down converter can generate EMI noise, try to place that away from the antenna and the LNA, SDR parts.

using 3M Dual Lock adhesive velcro tape for mounting the step down PCB to the battery:


thank you.

if you have an old and weak car battery around that can be used here too. This just eating about 0.4A so even an old car battery can run it for days as no high amper loads happens (like the kickstarter’s several hundred amperes)

Also take care for safety, installing a few amper fueses (straight to battery terminal) can save a lot trouble!

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