What does this term mean?

Seeing “waiting for data” upon startup. What does it mean?
Not enough signal near SNR 2 or below?
Not synced up yet?
Right now in a download and waiting for it to complete?
No actual download started?
Download started, but stuck?
Download started, but can’t decode?
Too many packet errors?

Started up again this morning.
See “waiting for data” again.
See SNR 4.0
Received packets advancing about 3 packets/sec
Packet failure count 0.

Tried Update Settings a few times.
Still "waiting …"
About 1/2 hour now from startup.
Now a few packet fail counts.

Hi donde,

Which version of rxos you use? You can check it on the bottom “info” tab at librarian.

Usually the “waiting for data” message is not a problem, only indicating that there is now newer file then yours broadcast down from the satellite. Many time we do evaluations, tests and file content could change or stop for some time.

As far as you see SNR of 2.5 or above your receiver is working and antenna aligned good enough to receive content (as anything broadcast).