What Happened?

Hey there, complete newbie here!

I’ve been researching Othernet and it sounds amazing.
But each discussion I see is from months ago and there is hardly any info on when new stock will be in.

Is Othernet still around and broadcasting?

And does anyone know how I could get my hands on one or at least emulate one?


Welcome, Joe, to our community. You are right that Othernet development has not shown allot of new items. Syed, Othernet’s CEO at the corporate office in Chicago, is working those things.

We subscribers/geeks/hams/etc. have follow the development for years and are using our terminals daily - - broadcast is 24 by 7. If you want to see what the terminals download, you can take a look at my port forwarded terminal at: It receives from SES-2. Othernet is also broadcasting in Europe/North Africa/Middle East on Eutelsat 8WB. Ken

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@frondturkey Thanks for the interest. It’s great to see the continued interest in Othernet. We are currently waiting for the availability of a specific component before resuming sales of receivers.