What is SafetyNET

tdma-demo is supposed to be better on weak signals, but I can’t get it to run without crashing within a few seconds. To be honest, I didn’t dwell on it too long. I had to disable all antivirus and malware protection just to unpack it. Very unprofessional code.

I ran tekmanoid for hours last night. After the receiver stabilizes, it just keep running.

That’s true. I had to disable MS Security Essentials just to install it, so now that’s turned back on, let’s see how long it will run on my pc.

after those workaround still tdma-demo give the best reception, once it was running for a week uninterrupted, stable. Instead turning off antivirus add it to the safe list, that worked for me.

Still crashes for me. Thinking sloppy code. Not something I would put my efforts behind. Not for $100+ USD.

hmm strange, was no problem on 64 bit win 7 and win 10. Try compatibility mode

its partially written in assembly, the author guy know what he doing

Running tdma-demo on Windows 7 with an exception entered in Security Essentials. In a couple of days only crashed once so plan to continue as I haven’t been able to decode a single packet with tekmanoid. Low angle from here (109 west) to see the 3F4 satellite, which is probably most of the issue.

check your SNR in SDR#, mine was working fine with about 5-6 dB

I also get about a 5 dB SNR with SDR#. What I don’t understand is that I am getting good decoding most of the time with tdma-demo; my problem is with tekmanoid which cannot seem to lock on the signal.

yeah, same here…
Also don’t forget to play a lot with volume settings (in every place) tdma-demo really like loud volume for some reason.

Did notice the volume needed to be almost at the top. Have other software like that and some which want a fairly low volume. Always trial and error!

And I made the decision not to worry about the problem with Security Essentials. Also had issues installing a digital decoder package called Sorcerer which is fairly widely used without problems but can give a false positive to anti-virus software.

I tried it on Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Will try on other platforms just out of curiosity. I get decent performance with the tekmanoid app, but am curious about this tdma-demo app, just to see about the full featured version. It looks nice.

Yand looks good, Richard, but it seems to be impossible to get a copy of it after digging around the interwebs :frowning:

Neil…I recall it was not easy to find the download. I’m fairly certain I can find the downloaded file stored on my laptop - just make take a couple of days to get to it – that is if you want it.

@Abhishek Remember when we talked about adding the SafetyNET feed awhile back. Did it just get lost to The List?

Anyone: Are there any online stable feeds/copies of the three beams?

http://www.dxzone.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump2.cgi?ID=25516 would be interesting to know why the actual installer is absent

tekmanoid and tdma-demo side by side…

Still prefer tekmanoid, unless I want to shell out 100 Euros to see all the private traffic. For public traffic, tdma-demo has too many frames reminding me of what might have been…

Yes please !! If you can put the installer you used somewhere I can get at it I would appreciate that :slight_smile:

@k5ted yes, it seems that the “install” directory was modified in Sept last year and one presumes that the installer was removed then… I wonder if it had been damaged…

I think that if you shelled out the 100 Euros & then could use the GUI it would be a good program :slight_smile:

Whilst I can try it ( as I can’t see the feed from here :frowning: ) I have read in a lot of places that the "EGC decoder will miss a lot of frames that the “demo” one decodes easily…

The SDRPlay has to be on for about 5 minutes, then it is OK to go with EGC-Decoder for hours. Not sure what the performance would be with the RTL-SDR and LNA/FIlter. Really unfortunate the SDRPlay isn’t just a bit less expensive a proposition for a dedicated service receiver. Doesn’t seem to require anything special to receive Inmarsat things using just a cobbled together antenna, even indoors.

I do have something that might be of interest to you. I’ll post it in the Helical Madness thread.

you should see some SDRPlay version 1’s coming on the second hand market for a good price soon, sinc the new modle is out :slight_smile:

I Love my RSP-1 :slight_smile: