What is the downconverted frequency?

The Dreamcatcher’s antenna assembly is a “Low Noise Block Downconverter”. The LNB’s antenna receives the satellite transmissions on 12.1032 GHz, but what frequency does it put into the coax?

Just subtract whatever the LO is on the LNB.

12103.2 MHz
09750.0 MHz
2353.2 MHz

That’s assuming the LO on the LNB is 9750 MHz.

Thank you Syed. Anyone who wants to calculate the signal loss between the LNB and the Dreamcatcher would need to know this.

12103.2 MHz would be high band so if it were an ordinary satellite receiver it would be activating the 10.6 Ghz Local Oscillator in the universal LNB so 1503Ghz - There again Syed designed it so I expect he is right.