What is the lowest spec computer that will work with the lantern/Skylark?

What is the lowest spec computer that you can use to access the files on the CHIP?, wired or wireless.
When is the computer just too old?

Anything that runs a relatively modern browser should work. The CHIP acts as a tiny web server, so it just delivers static files to the browser.

While that was true for Librarian, in Skylark those “just static files” include Javascript code of more
than 500KB in size, which could provide a challenge for old devices (that often also run older browsers).
It has to be tried…

It is something that could be important for communities that use the lantern, if all they have is an old computer.

What is considered “old” for this discussion? I can go all the way back to about 2000 with a Dell Cpx if we need to test.

If this is really a big deal I have enough hardware laying around to build a Pentium 1 system, which is the oldest system I have with an Ethernet connection.

@k5ted How old is old, is a good question. I would say that anything up to a boat anchor is worth giving a try. :grin: @demandzm It is not a big deal. I guess the way i see it is that both the lantern and the end users computers are part of the same system. I know you can’t test every possible combination, but a general guide is needed to help customers.

I have a Vaio laptop purchased in 2004 that has as its only task uploading my weather station data to three different websites. Running XP SP3 and IE8, I can get to the Outernet splash page but the login page won’t appear. Tried Firefox with the same results

On the other hand I have no difficulties at all with a Raspberry Pi 2 B running Ubuntu and the Chromium browser. Its as easy to use as my much newer ASUS Win 7 laptop, but – no surprise – a bit slower.

Will test the Vaio with XP further as there may be a solution.

Richard Schreiber

Richard, If you load google Chrome could you see if it works on that machine?


Will do that as soon as I can get the download. Just installed the Slimjet browser and was able to log into Outernet and navigate without any trouble. The old Vaio is noticeably slower that the RPi 2B.

Richard Schreiber

Google Chrome has not supported XP for a long time, and now it does not even support Vista.
You need at least Windows 7 to use it, and that won’t run on a laptop that old.

Oh, I thought it would run but would not auto update. I guess I need to pull an old laptop out of the junk pile and play around when I run out of the 20 other things I have to play with :slight_smile:

Actually Chrome does run on my old Vaio and is snappier (a misleading term for an older laptop’s performance !) than Slimjet.

I installed the 32 bit v49 (2016-03-3). That is reported to be the last version supported by XP. Doesn’t necessarily mean later versions won’t run.

I did some quick testing of a few apps: APRS, Weather, News, Tuner and so far it looks good.

Still plan to investigate why IE8 won’t get past the splash page.

Ricahrd Schreiber

My oldest machine is Windows XP SP3. With IE8.0.6001.18702, I get the first blue background saying Outernet, but canno

Running Skylark 4.2 on my oldest machine - - Windows XP SP 3 - - with IE8, I get the first blue screen saying Outernet, but do not see the log in credentials screen, nor I proceed further. No surprise here as IE 8 is very out of date.

Same machine with Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m (which I think is the latest Chrome version that worked in Windows XP), I have full capability on all screens with a particularly good Weather screen. My latest Firefox Version 50.0.1 (32 bit) I can see everything, although my Weather Screen is a bit grainy. Opera Version 33.0 works as Firefox does.

Windows 10 works with all browsers.

I’ll try an old Windows 98 machine later and report back. Ken

I can’t get my old Windows 98 machine to even run IE to check it, or download Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Ken

$137 computer that is easy to ship :slight_smile:

Yes you could get a different monitor or something, but all these parts could fit in a relatively small box.
Anyone know of a laptop that has similar specifications for less than $137?

I have the 11" version of this. They work surprisingly well for the cost, and they have VT-x support so if you ever needed to flash your chip you can.


@dschre and @kenbarbi just for reference on ie8. Security settings may be f’ing with you.

Go to Internet Options - Security Tab - Internet - click on the “Custom” button then scroll down to the Miscellaneous section.“Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints” Find “Active Scripting” then check enable.


Just wondering if anyone has wasted a RasPi 3 to load win10 on it? Wondered ho it worked vs Raspbian.


That is a great find @demandzm! Maybe down the road the Outernet folks can package up an Outernet receiver with 4 of these devices for about $600 and have that as a “Outernet Cafe” package or something :smiley:

@Syed ?

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