What is the point of outernet


I heard about Outernet(Free internet) today then I came here to know if it’s really free Internet or not , then I found information here are a bit confusing …
My questions :
1- Can we browse web ?
2- Can we use send with our ISP and receive with Outernet ?
3- Can we download files ? Like games or anything we want ? For example downloading a game via XBOX
4- Someone said that there is differences between providing internet or internet contents …
5- The internet world is really huge … For example I need to learn something about android sdk and my friend want to know about his small-country news
then if you provide us the data that you want … then what is the point of outernet ? we can’t reach whatever we want ? I can’t open the site I want,I can’t have video calls ? then why using Outernet ? Only a local network that we can read the news that you provide ? like a RSS ?

Sorry If I had many questions … I searched here but I didn’t find my answers

Basically, the answer to all of your questions is NO.

You searched here huh.

Try again

So why using Outernet in countries that have internet ?

I think motivations for using Outernet in countries where Internet is readily available are diverse, but a few reasons off the top of my head:

  • wanting to try something new
  • excited by the whole idea and wanting to be part of the project by building the receivers and providing feedback or monitoring information
  • evaluating it for potential deployment in areas where Internet is not available or quite expensive

@m4hdyar outernet doesn’t serve as internet for downloading games e.t.c. outernet is a project that will have a positive impact on the less fortunate parts of the world… welcome to Outernet (:


Also, don’t forget, that internet content is restricted in some countries.

The satellite out in space cannot see any borders between countries, and as a consequence neither can Outernet.

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Totally @JohnSpace that is a strong point…plus Outernet is a project that is not expensive like the internet

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