What is your best uptime and packet RX?

I happened to look over the timer and log viewers today to see how my system had been doing.

It was sitting at just over 10.7M packets received, with an uptime below…

16:42:56 up 141 days, 14:32, load average: 0.38, 0.69, 0.77

How does this compare to others out there?


I reboot daily so i can play with other things on the DC

00:29:03 up 3:55, load average: 0.70, 0.69, 0.71

Storage usage:
/boot 17% 249.4M
/ 0% 16.0M
/mnt/conf 11% 125.9M
/mnt/downloads 1% 13.2G
/home/guest/downloads 1% 13.2G

00:31:07 up 3:57, load average: 1.27, 0.86, 0.77

Mine was at 96 days until a few weeks ago when my receiver started to lock up and stop downloading files. I think i still have an overheating issue.

My DC does that Daily I also think its a Heat issue But Ya know…who am i LMFAO

Well mine is in a IP68 rated case, so there is no air flow at all. It also doesnt help that for at least a few hours a day it is in direct sunlight.

my is sitting on the sunny side of the House behind a Window. Had over 38°C last week, no overheating wven without the Fan. Hardware is a CHIP, SDRx and PATCH Antenna in my 3d Printed Universal Case.