What kinds of speeds do we expect from this kind of thing? Or is this a first

I expect no where near Google fiber speeds, I mean, the ground servers will just be so overwhelmed for months that chances are you’ll be lucky to get get a single text through it, once people see that they have wifi in the middle of no where, people will raise an eye brow or two.

I’m honestly surprised a topic like this one hasn’t exploded, it has the potential to save more than a trillion dollars net sales to the sell companies, money that I’d be more than happy to put into your hands than to feeding some company that has no strategy to evolve, go forward, or make groundbreaking moves, like this one.

This honestly deserves billions in funding, when we have a system like this set up, we can worry about other things, how we will continue to fund this project, and how we could really make cell phone bills a thing of the past.Honestly it feels like kind of a mandatory thing, like a road. This is a road to very many things that could mean a lot to a lot of people. This has every opportunity to be something huge, something as profound as the definition of a decade.I just cant get over how ground breaking this would be if it were to happen. Have you guys considered a website like Kickstarter or Indiegogo? It seems to me that that would be the place to go to get some more widespread attention, even if you don’t do anything momentous for the prizes, you could just publish a list to the internet, or the homepage of the Outernet, a list of people whom helped make this happen.

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Thanks for your interest and the support. The downlink speeds are what we’re sorting through right now. Speed is determined by, more or less, power of the transmitter and the gain of the antenna. I will definitely have more information to share in the coming weeks.

I wish we did have billions in funding, that would instantaneously solve all of the technical challenges we’re dealing with. Most constellations do cost billions, but our target is to do this for tens of millions.


I don’t think you completely understand how this system works, it’s not a WiFi like what you’re used to where you can put in a request and get a web page back, rather, it’s a system where important messages can be broadcast to everyone using the satellites. In a sense, it really isn’t actually WiFi, more it’s just a wireless broadcast system.

So how exactly would the data be received on the computer? That’s what I’m wondering. Like, you open up your laptop, and what does it look like?

probably much like any website. i guess the client software just acts like a web server on your computer, so you can surf sites from outernet in your browser.
It’s sort of like saving a website to your computer and than opening that offline version :slight_smile:
similarly this can include downloads for programs and documents

I Presume this is more like multicasting several channels.

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That’s a good way of thinking about it.

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