What Low Power Client "computers" do you guys use?

Currently for my Outernet Monitoring stations (3 monitoring stations. 1 in outdoor shop, 1 in my office and 1 in wife’ office)
I am using the Odroid XU4 computers. 2 of them use linux and the other uses android. These things seem to run forever with no problems. Have plenty of horse power as well. Was just curious what others may use. I am putting together a few kits for various Churches in the area and figured I should probably test these things out before I include them in the kits.

We could use the Rasberry Pi computers as well obviously but just happened to have these on hand.

I have a couple of raspberry pi’s , an Odriod U2 & Odriod U3

I would built an outernet receiver with a Raspberry Pi, with a MCM Raspberry Pi 7 Touchscreen LCD Display, an SDRx card, and a passive antenna. I use a Velleman VTHH6 Clamping Tool for Circuit Board as a stand for my antenna.