What's the most important thing to share?

Language barriers aside, if you could share one idea, story, fact, poem, program or other piece of information with the whole world what would it be?

The fact i would choose to share is there is little if not no difference between each human, regardless of any outward appearance.
What would you share?

My standard answer to this is that you can make water safe to drink by leaving it in the sun in a plastic bottle

Or that you can reduce fuel use by 40% by putting a lid on your pan, even without an improved stove

I do think that Ben’s answer is also good, perhaps implies that health information like the book Where there is no doctor would be a good baseline for universal knowledge? It’s available in 26 different languages & free to distribute…

Ben, for awhile I didn’t know how I would answer my own question, which is why I asked the community. I’m still not sure but over the last couple days I think I’ve come up with what would my first choice. The speech by Charlie Chaplin at the end of The Great Dictator looks like a pretty good pick to me.

Sam, I didn’t even realize that wiki existed but it’s really fascinating. Thanks for mentioning it.

The great dictator speech is pretty special.

Maybe the declaration of Human rights could go in too?

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