What's wrong with selfies?

Hello I send the friends request (with success) and I cannot upload me selfie and notice.
What’s wrong with this system?
This is big fiasco for me.

Is there possibility to make the promise from outernet true or is this only bluf?

Thank you.

We don’t automatically send out notices because there are many people who cheat. We have to analyze the data first and disqualify cheaters. Since this process is not fully automated, we do it in batches when enough people complete referrals. We have sent out the first batch a while ago, so the next batch will be in a few days (probably by the end of this week).

I really don’t konow how is possible analyze the cheaters, but this is on your shoulders, i accept the process.
Second, i don’t know why you cannot create anti-cheat module for this, but this is on your side, i accept it.

But, what can i do, when i send the invitations and nothing happens, how can i find if i was checked or not? How can i check if i was declared as “cheater”?
I send the regular invitations and nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing…

This is sick.

I’m sorry, we’re not polite enough to notify cheaters. :smile: I’ll post here when I send out another batch, if that works for you. If you don’t receive a notification after that, send me a private message with your name and email, and I’ll check to see if you have been disqualified, and if so, why.

You’re funny. Maybe much more funny for serious project.
I think this would be better named as Funternet. (IMHO)

You can sad so sorry for serious people.
Sorry people - we have issue. We have problem.
Maybe you can sad for serious people, don’t use our project.
Maybe for fun, maybe not.
There can be many maybies.

In this case is the selfies only joke from outernet project. Nothing serious.
Maybe you can sad the peoples - you’re nothing serious.

Maybe you understand me, maybe not. Still many maybies.

What do you suggest we should do?

As a special favor to you, I’ve checked our data, and you have, indeed, been disqualified for obvious act of cheating. Have a nice day.

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