When we can use outernet in iran? And how can use outernet in iran?


When we can use outernet in iran? And how can use outernet in iran?


You can see on the Transponder,s page

the possible satellite is Hotbird 13E for you. On the map, you can see, in Iran, its programs can be receive on a “moderate” level (actually 44dbW).
Maybe you know, on Hotbird there are some/many tv programs broadcast to Iran, if you want to get an impression, which type of receiver, (parabola dish, LNB) need to receive this satellite, ask your neigboures about this.
Ofcourse you need an outernet receiver too. And there is a suggested exercice to you, to read the outernet documentations.
By the way, there is an iranian expert, dealing with the satellite tv situation in Iran, he is Fardin Alikhah, you can get an overview about this from his blogs:



Hi guys tnx about ur project
I just to tell you I dont have a dish with rotor but i can receive Hotbird 13 with fixed
dish like it :http://s1.picofile.com/file/6157128768/45.jpg
& another im question is in iran gov search for sat telecomunication for national security and
sat net Against the law in iran .
and we most to know gov cant Arreste us(it most have high security& Information encryption like wifi WPA2 that they cant find it because wireless modem alot of in iran)? attention youtube-fb-twitter-gplus-and other out of access
for us and high speed net is very expensive
another question of me is how i can buy a lantern &using from ur service?


بهم زنگ بزن


The outernet data broadcast is working on your country. But as you see on the map, you are linked here, you are near the boarder of the territory, where you can receive the outernet from the Hotbird 13E. Maybe better for you try to make a setup for the AsiaSat 5 satellite. This satellite have outernet broadcast too.

I propose for you, try to find a friend, or expert near you, and ask, from what satellite of this two can receive tv programs in your place, and what size of parabola dish you need for the successfull receive.
If you know this, you will need to buy an outernet receiver, Lighthouse from outernet webshop.
This is a general advise for you, and I try to translate this to farsi language with the google translate service, for better understanding.
Hope this is help for you.

پخش داده آوترنت حال کار بر روی کشور شما. اما همانطور که می بر روی نقشه ببینید، شما اینجا هستید مرتبط، شما در نزدیکی مرز این سرزمین، که در آن شما می توانید آوترنت از هاتبرد 13E دریافت خواهید کرد. شاید برای شما بهتر است سعی کنید به راه اندازی برای ماهواره ماهواره Asiasat 5. این ماهواره ای آوترنت پخش بیش از حد.

من پیشنهاد می کنم برای شما، سعی کنید برای پیدا کردن یک دوست، و یا متخصص در نزدیکی شما، و از آنها بخواهید، از چه ماهواره ای از این دو می تواند برنامه های تلویزیونی در محل خود را دریافت، و چه اندازه ظرف سهمی از شما برای موفق نیاز دریافت می کنند.
اگر شما این را بدانید، شما نیاز به خرید یک گیرنده آوترنت، فانوس دریایی از فروشگاه اینترنتی آوترنت.
این توصیه کلی برای شما است، و من سعی برای ترجمه این به زبان فارسی با خدمات گوگل ترجمه، برای درک بهتر.
امیدوارم که این کمک برای شما است.



Ba kharejie hasty abolfazl?