When will i get mine?

Curious when I will get my lantern or outer net or whatever you want to call it now.
I originally gave enough to get it the original one for the kickstarter, then I was told it would be longer, then I was told it was updated and that would cost more, so I paid more, then I was told to wait longer, then I was told to pay more and update my shipping address, and yet I still have nothing. Although I am told I can just buy parts and make my own but thats not what I signed up for and shouldn’t have to pay anymore.
Just curious?

We can provide a kit to you now, if you prefer not to wait.

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That would be great thanks so much. I hate having to wait and feel like Ive been missing out on all the fun.

@COPE_Farms Can you email [email protected] with the email address that was used on Indiegogo?

Disregard. Just found your order. Sending out a Dreamcatcher today.

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Thanks so much