Where Did Everybody Go

Where did everybody go? Our Outernet world was highly populated. Looks like they are gone at 2307 UTC 25 Jan 2016. Ken

Wow. A few days ago the east coast was solid green.

Still having issues connecting Skylark to either of my home networks. The CHIP is about 12 ft. away from the router and it still won’t connect.

Those balloons are placed based on geolocation of the external IP address, which can be way off.
Maybe there was an update of the geolocation data, see thread about the 2.5 dB loss.
(for example the address I use is often geolocated in San Diego, CA because the administrator of
the parent network lives there, but my address is in the Netherlands)

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Can we get map zoomed? In order to populate connection on the map I need to share with my home wifi?