Where is my balloon on Othernet Status Page

I think my balloon is directly under another, but I can’t see it. I have tried using the left and right buttons and moving the mouse, but still can’t see even a part of it. Could the code be changed to temporarily lift off the top covering balloon to see what’s under it? Then the top balloon would spring back after 1 minute to where it was.

Where are you located? The markers on the Map can’t land on top of each other in general because they are placed randoma round the given Location.

West Coast of US near Los Angeles. I think I’m under the single green balloon and I should be green too. SNR is near zero.

Don, if you expand the map enough with the mouse wheel, the two balloons will move farther apart. Congrats on the excellent stats!


As @maxboysdad said, it is an interactive Map! You can just zoom in :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, Think I’ll try another newer computer with a better monitor.

Now different computer and screen with scroll mouse. Was using a Logitech wireless keyboard with pad mouse. Very hard to scroll. Now much much better. No no problem. Thanks Thanks. Carry on !

Hi Donde

I think I am the station next to you. I am in Sun Valley but the status map I am looking
at shows me In Northridge CA. This is the status map I am using.
https://status.othernet.is/ I don’t recall seeing the status page with this much detail.
You can zoom all the way down to a street level map.


It uses Geolocation by IP, so that can be a bit Off based on the Location your IP says it is registered.
I remade the Statuspage a few Weeks ago, since then you can zoom ina nd out etc. :slight_smile:

Just another thought here, Mike. When you type my ip into your browser, does it give your ISP’s location where you think it is? In my travels with my protable terminal, sometimes I get thrown a curve because the ISP location is not local. Ken


When I look up my ip address it give a general location area within 5 miles
but not a specific location.

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Yes the status page is much improved with the zoom. With the old map setup I sometimes
questioned if it was real or just a basic map that never updated. I don’t think it showed any
details like signal strength, location, map, etc.


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I think what you see is not your location, but mine. Are you sure you are set to router mode and not AP mode. Router mode is to send your data back to HQ in Chicago so you can see it on status.othernet.is.

I notice my balloon moves all over the place within 10 miles every time I do a refresh or restart the app. My SWR is near 0 if you look on the table section of the map.

Now I understand how the exact location on the map can be off. Being based on the public IP server registered location. But why does Othernet user’s location randomly move around within a few miles on refresh?

Thats easy, i implemented a random factor to avoid placing Stations on top of each other.

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Looking at the map today my location now shows some where in West Hollywood. My LNB is
mounted to a DIRECTV dish and my SNR is a strong signal of +3 so I am sure that balloon on
the map is mine. The other balloon witch is yours is now showing up in Sherman Oaks and shows
a SNR 0f -.75 reading. Maybe it could be made more accurate if we could manually load the
GPS location it could be more accurate.

Very good. I believe the Othernet Admin wants to maintain some security about exact locations of the satellite users. This has been the case from the beginning. The earlier balloon map had zero info in the app, Only about what state they were in. Now with the balloons moving around, this may be new security normal, which is OK. This is only my opinion.

Maybe we can add some sort of unique identifier or hash to the map so every owner can say for sure this is HIM …

What i can Offer (if @Syed is okay with that) is that people can tell me their MAC Address of the Dreamcatcher and what name they want on the Map. I marked my Station (see tyneteu on the Statuspage) with that method as well.

After getting the bullseye LNA and signal lock with a plus 3.75 signal the tree across the road and three doors down has bloomed and blocked all my signal, if I can’t make it work next try (my forth attempt) the thing will stay off line till winter. Red balloon for east Tennessee.