Who is the big brother to decide the contents?

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Is it true that outernet not allow users to upload contents? Is it right tue users that only allow see content? Outernet email, chat, etc? Is it true that outernet not allow email, chat, etc?
Who is the big brother to decide the contents?

No problem at all about your English–I understood you perfectly. Yes, it is true that Outernet is a one-way data broadcasting system. A two-way system would be incredibly expensive. For example, the VIASAT-1 satellite which provides 140Gbps of bi-directional communications to end users costs $500M, not including launch and insurance.

The way to think about Outernet is like you think about Youtube versus broadcast television. They both serve very different purposes and are useful in their own ways. And as a note, broadcast tv (just the distribution of content, not the product of it) is much cheaper to operate than Youtube.

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Hello Mr. Syed…
You can tell which Internet services are provided free WiFi Internet is a way to just surf the Web of …
And now we get if we wish to download and upload Internet bilateral Much Does it Cost? (Monthly or annual subscription fee for satellite receiving equipment such as satellite internet)
The Internet is mutually recognized by the government and the law is known (ie, two-way satellite Internet we have too stuck in Maiden and we have the right to)
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