Why don't I see any flies downloaded?

I am using the outernet antenna and preamp connected to a Raspberry Pi 3. I am getting a SNR of 5-7. Reception is 2 and sometimes 3 bars. I see files being downloaded. My percentage of used space increases. Yet I still don’t have any downloaded files to look at. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something to set that I haven’t set? Please help!

Click on big white on black word OUTERNET at top left. You will then see folders and files.

Yes, I do that and nothing is there.

That’s strange. Can you show some screenshots of Tuner Settings and also when you click on the Outernet logo.

I think Syed, Outernet needs a short Youtube video of what a new user can expect to happen when they first get their Outernet L-Band Library receiving.

The biggest problem I had with this new technology was I had absolutely no concept of what to expect as NORMAL.

A short video would eliminate a lot of that.

If you could make it short enough and small enough you could either include it the software repository or broadcast it over L-Band each day.

Here is a shot this morning of a download almost complete (have been running all night)

Here is a shot showing no downloads

I plugged a thumb drive into the Raspberry Pi and have now received APRS files but nothing else. The file d4e8-Weather.tbz2 has been stuck at 99% for several hours.

As of late yesterday files have started being saved. I don’t know why it is working OK now but not before. Guess I will just accept it!

Me too, you are not alone. We all know. The Main Man knows. Hang in there. :smirk_cat: Even my cat knows. Your stuff is OK. Best to go to breakfast, come back and then it starts again :relaxed: until …
Remember … Outernet still in development.