Why I have to buy this receiver?

Dear Admin,

Please need your assistance and advice, Why I have to buy this receiver?

I’m from Egypt and need to know the answer on this question.

And is this receiver will work fine in Egypt?

Thank you for support.


hi, im not an Admin or so but if you mean the DIY Receiver, theoretically you don’t have to buy one.

If you are able to receive the Signal at 1545.94 MHz (Aphasat) with more than 3db SNR, you can use a normal pc or Raspberrypi to decode the Signal. The RTL-SDR.COM V3, that is provided by Outernet, can be bought standalone from the manufacturer in China. But you need an LNA and Antenna.

So the whole pack from Outernet is a nice option because you dont have to find the parts seperatly.

Have a look at outernet.is/tech to get information about the reception and such.
It shows that you can receive Alphasat in your area.

I hope that helps you.

regards, Manuel

Thank you, but my question is, what is the benefits from it?
I.e. what can I do from receive such a signal, I know the internet and what can I finding on it. But what can I find in outernet.
Can I able watching movies, YouTube, Facebook, E-mail, browsing, etc…?


Hello, i misunderstood your question :wink:

Have a read at outernet Filecast

Outernet provides you with Informaions and News from around the world. You also get great Weather data and important Wikipedia sites. All of that anywhere in the World and without any restriction from governments. You also get Comunity Content that is submitted from Outernet Users.

Because you dont have a upload link, it’s not possible to send Emails and such.

regards, Manuel

When you have internet and you are not interested in experimenting with technology there is
little point in getting an Outernet receiver. You certainly cannot watch movies with it.