Why is it so ARM specific?

hi @ll
well i read about this and right away i was hooked. i understand why this works and how the technology is integrated. pretty much its a working idea surpressed by mainstream for personal gain and wealth (<=personal opinion,i dont like to be charged for a natural force and its aplications). if i remember well the KU-band is used in government applications such as police and firemen communications including data (correct me if im wrong).
So now the big question why only ARM?

p.s.: i definetly try to get it going on my side (its worth a raspberry in my opinion)
also i signed up in the translation part of this…german, spanish, english are my dominion.
is there any part of this forum to discuss with the current translators?

ok enough talk…good to see a project like this and i hope i can contribute in some way

greets heka

We are developing some hardware devices for consuming the Outernet signal, and those happen to be based on ARM, so ARM was our first target. Intel and MIPS support are going to be next, though I have no ETA for that.

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