Why the APRS Stuff?

I just can’t see what the APRS stuff brings to the table? It seems to be a waste of what little
bandwidth we have.
Maybe someone could clue me in??


PS— Dreamcatcher up and running for 3 days now, without any issues!

the “DUMP” of everything from the ISS is a waste of time yes, I see that…
However IF you need to get a message to OUTERNET users you can direct the message and it will be broadcast.

If tyou look REALLY hard , amongst teh noise from the ISS you will see some tests from M0KNC (me) with the word “OUTNET” in the message . These are simple beacons and are coming from HF ( Shortwave - often 10.147Mhhz).
That means that I can send a simple message to outernet users from ANYWHERE. In the future it could be used for a remote location to request pages to be broadcast , or get a message from one remote location to another…

currntly a far percentage of my sucessful beacons are lost some where … I KNOW tehy get to the APRS backbone (APRS.IS) but they don’t all get to the outernet upload site.

You can see my (random) beacons using PSKmail and/or AX25 300baud here https://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=M0KNC*&limit=50&view=normal

OK…I guess I can “kinda” see where you are going with that.
I am VERY new to Outernet, I have been watching “it” for ~1 yr but just
received my Dreamcatcher last week(I have a 2nd one enroute).
So I have much to catch up on.
One thing I have noticed is the Weather is not as I expected, I guess covering the whole world
is not easy!! But something like the WXFAX files would be great(at least for NA and the Atlantic)
I guess those files would be a bit too large, plus they can be had with a SW RX.
Also…all I have brought up is prob. reruns.
Tnx Thomas

The more I think abt your reply, the more I see where you are going.
As a “ham” also(I’m sure MANY in this group are/just the kinda thing we like) I can see where
this would be a benefit.
I hope I can be of more support.
What is needed??? … many/much of what I read is old. I had planed to setup the RPi sys but when
dreamcatcher came out…I went that route. I don’t have much money but would be willing to donate and
I have bought 2 sys. already so maybe that helps?.
The website seems …well… It could be better…lol. If I didn’t know what Outernet was before, I don’t think
I would know now by the site.
How can I help? (not a programmer… but can send money and "beta test"

@trcarswell You’ve done plenty by buying two Dreamcatchers. Thanks for your interest and support. Simply asking questions and talking about Outernet is all we can ask for. If you would like to make a Youtube video showing the HF-Outernet relay, that would be even better.

Thats was “neil” with HF relay, not me. I would love to know how he is routing it as well.

I would make a video, but I am no good at that sort of thing…
It is also not easy to try & do it in “real time” as there are two variables…

  1. not all beacons are seen by a gateway and
  2. it seems a bit random even IF the packet is seen & sent to the Interwebs ( so appears on arps.fi etc.) that it ends up ALSO being"seen" by outernet… I am not sure what is going on there but it seem 50% of then are on the ARPS backbone ( APRS.IS) but not getting seen by outernet /

Any idea why of all the beacons seen in APRS.FI today only one or two have been “seen” & uploaded by OUTERNET
Note ( BST in the screenshot from ARPRS.FI is GMT+1 )

I can only see TWO from Alphasat one at 13:15 and one at 13:50
I understand if you are filtering duplicates out of the “bundle” you make to send between carousel items, but I see a LOT of mine simply never getting there :slight_smile:

I am getting a lot. Here is a screen from my ~9:45 am (EST/EDT -4)

I am not too good at matching to the times the aprs.fi screen times you have listed… the sort order gets reversed.

Interesting… I It seems that the sat you are listening to is sending different stuff! !!!

Note mine are all in large “batches” today So LOTS at 13:50 etc,
whereas you seem to have then at lots of different times…

That’s strange. All of the feeds to the three satellites are the same.

weird indeed!!!
I tried to look at another Skylark online from Alphasat ( http://obereip.selfhost.de/) but that one seems to have gone.

We live in “interesting” times :slight_smile:

Again , missing from Alphasat

The line above is from APRS.FI and is in BST (GMT+1) and the below from Outernet is in GMT - So the above should be there sometime AFTER 11:17 in the outenet messages, but you can see it is not.

If anyone who is receive in Europe from Alphasat, I would like to know if it is missing for you too :slight_smile: