Wifi dongle used on DC

Apologies if this has been already covered…
the lsusb command in Skylark 4.4 reports 0bda-8176 as the USB VID/PID code for the EDUP dongle.
This apparently means the dongle uses the RTL8188CUS chipset. Is this actual fact? and what driver is Skylark using? Also, if I wanted to buy a couple of spare dongles, which EDUP part/model number would I need?

EDUP EP-N8508GS USB 150 Mbps Wireless Wifi Mini For Raspberry Pi 512M Model B

This works fine. I tested it last week but unfortunately No L-Band signal in Philippines at moment.

Here is FYI to read or order the dongle you mentioned. I have a couple for my Pi’s. It seems a very popular for other motherboards too.


Didn’t this hyper link was a big ad also! :slight_smile:


Hi Seasalt,

thanx, all sorted out, I put it in my linux laptop and lsusb sees it as an RTL8188CUS equipped dongle, tick… also found a couple of references here in the forum with details of the DC at the time of its launch, all confirming it’s the correct device (not too mention the P/N stamped on the bottom, doh…).

Hopefully we’ll see APAC back soon. I’m a bit worried about the change in frequency tho, I’m not sure it can actually be done by just editing the config file in /etc… I thought Skylark was a “closed” piece of software with a read-only /root…
Luigi M

ok, found answers to the rest of my wifi dongle questions, rtl871xdrv is indeed the driver for the RTL8188CUS chip used in the EDUP dongle… it all make sense now.