WiFi Outernet in Bangladesh

I am a citizen of Bangladesh. Here 50% people are still illiterate and mostly are farmers. So they cannot use the latest technology and information for harvesting and trading of their good. Free internet facility will help them to develop their status and also other development like telephone, voice transfer and tele medicine. Outernet can be a great source for education after completing their daily tasks.

Its very good news specially for us (Bangladeshi foolish poor people)!! And very bad news for our fucking BD government who have 200GB bandwidth but give us only 40GB by high price and 160GB providing Indian ugly people by very low price… Shame Shame very Shame… MDIF / OUTERNET always thinking for give us free internet but our government fucking our Golden Bangladesh… However, Its really great think thanks a lot to MDIF / OUTERNET for this creative idea.

Yep I agree to that