WiFi outernet in Iran؟

Hi …
Wanted to say that the WiFi outernet service in Iran or not?
How to Get The Internet how is it?
Equipment is needed to get WiFi outernet reception?
What is the minimum download and upload speed of the internet wifi?
WiFi Internet in Iran is legal to get there or not?
What is the charge for internet WiFi?
Who is operating the scheme for wireless internet? Tell the exact date?
I give thanks for the answer …

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Hi Raymond,
This project still takes quite some time until it’s finished.
It would probably be available in Iran and legal as long as no rule against it is made.
It is no internet like you know it, there will be limited content and you can only see, not post/upload anything.
It will be free of charge.


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Hi anoni …
It said that you can only surf the Internet, and upload and download free wifi there and it’s not a canker sore …
I download and upload at least be able to have a beneficial use such as downloading and uploading music and movies …
If money is no problem to download and upload it to give us money …
Tell me that you can download and upload free WiFi internet users to give money?
Meanwhile, the news regarding developments in the field and placed in 5 top cyber cyber world it is free WiFi internet blocking capability by Iran, or not? (Ie, the Internet in Iran is filtered by the service prevented Iranian users or not)

raymond felan serviseshon eftezahe:D