WiFi outernet india?

i wnt 2 knw ,WiFi oternet is avalable on india?

Even I want to know?

Outernet is going to use very small satellites CubeSat and place them in LEO.
which is very closer to earth in contrast to GEO which is farer to earth but only 3 sats are enough to cover earth completely in GEO .whereas for LEO it requires more sats may be in hundreds to cover complete earth.

As Far as your question is concerned I think that majority of population with less/no internet connectivity is in India,Africa and China and I think if they want to solve the problem of global internet connectivity for essential activities they have to definitely cover these Countries

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This is the future of internet, hope Indian government drops their National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) plan which already have wasted time and money so far and would waste some Rs. 20,000 crore ($4 billion) in the next undefined number of years and instead invest the money with OuterNet team or to the Google Loon Project.

Indian government is digging the earth and trying to install the optical fiber lines to cover all the rural areas, while its yet not successfull and is costly in the urban areas. This project is badly managed and cables are getting damaged due to various reasons and no one taking good care of it.

India recently launched its Mars mission at merely cost of 450 crore and having plans to spend 20k crore in the pocket would mean that you can launch some 45 satellites to Mars but here we want to launch CubeSats whoes cost to build is $50,000 and launching costs is around $100,000 so some $150k i.e. some 930k INR or max INR 1 crore, hence Indian government can afford to launch 20,000 cubesats wherein we require a few hundred cubesats. If the governments of world could be proposed together then we can have the two-way communication available in the very near future but the problem is the governments may not want to loose the revenues/taxes generated by the private ISPs or Govt ISPs. Try some way to contact them ask if they can afford the cost of few cubesats or atleast the number of cubesats required to conver the whole India.

Along with Outernet the Google’s Loon Project also looked a great revolution to me but there it looked like that the Google has some plans to generate some revenue out of it, but the governments or corporate bodies or operators of the internet companies/communication satellites operators are not interested in changing the world.

So now that no government would be interested in investing an idea which could change the world, you guys can try to raise funds throught crowdfunding websites like kickstarter and indiegogo and the technology thinkers and like minded people would surely support this.

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To answer this question. I think it must be possible now. Intelsat 20 and HotBird 8 are in range from India. Can anyone confirm Outernet will be accessible from India as of now?

Sorry for bumping up old post. This is the only relavant place I could bring up this discussion.

India is covered by ABS-2. IS20 does not cover India, and we are definitely not broadcasting on HB8.

You should point your dish to ABS-2 at 74.9E. There is another sat named ABS-1 at 75E but it is not the right one.

My bad. I was looking at c band maps for IS20. Sorry :smile:

Thanks :smile:

I think this thread will help you.

I can say you will get more signal gain from India than Sri Lanka.

This also suggests you may need a larger dish in Sri Lanka.

EDIT: SatBeams.com suggests minimum size is 70cm though. As usual, we recommend adding 10~20cm to that.

I have an old and large VSAT dish. I’ve started a topic in ORx category.