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Dreamcatcher 3.03

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Currently in production
To purchase see

How to use as an Outernet (Now Othernet) - Skylark Receiver:

Software to use for other applications

Power Supply Options:

  • Power Cubes
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) batteries
  • Solar Power and Backup Sources

Case Options and Antenna Mounting Options

  • Using a Conical shell to improve reception
  • Using Commercial dishes

Unique information specific to which satellite is selected

  • America’s
  • Europe
  • Pacific
  • South Asia
  • Africa

Hardware Information

  • Connecting USB devices
  • Speaker jack and Speaker pin connector
  • Touch screen display
  • The two sd card slots
  • Mounting holes
  • Various “points” on the main board
  • Reset button
  • Ventilation and cooling requirements
  • Replacing Parts
  • Schematic design layout

Software Configuration Information

  1. Activating the audio amplifier
    a. un-mute all channels in alsamixer
    b. Enable Speaker PA via gpio114:
    c. Code Block
    sudo su
    cd /sys/class/gpio
    echo 114 > export
    cd gpio114
    echo out > direction
    echo 1 > value

  2. Adjusting Display options

  3. Selecting Coax inputs Note: The only valid configurations are when rfswitch1 is off and rfswitch2 is on, or the other way round.
    a. Selecting Direct SMA Code block
    sudo su
    cd /sys/class/leds/rfswitch1/
    echo 1 > brightness
    cd /sys/class/leds/rfswitch2/
    echo 0 > brightness

  4. Turn on Bias-Tee to the Coax Connector
    a. Code block for 14 volt dc at both sma input connectors
    sudo su
    cd /sys/class/gpio
    echo 119 > export
    cd gpio119
    echo out > direction
    echo 1 > value

  5. Adjusting SDR parameter
    ** RF Amplifier Gain
    ** Lora and other SX1281 parameters
    The default for the chat application found in main.cpp:
    modulationParams.PacketType = PACKET_TYPE_LORA;
    modulationParams.Params.LoRa.SpreadingFactor = LORA_SF7;
    modulationParams.Params.LoRa.Bandwidth = LORA_BW_0400;
    modulationParams.Params.LoRa.CodingRate = LORA_CR_4_5;
    PacketParams.PacketType = PACKET_TYPE_LORA;
    PacketParams.Params.LoRa.PreambleLength = 0x08;
    PacketParams.Params.LoRa.HeaderType = LORA_PACKET_VARIABLE_LENGTH;
    PacketParams.Params.LoRa.PayloadLength = 50;
    PacketParams.Params.LoRa.Crc = LORA_CRC_ON;
    PacketParams.Params.LoRa.InvertIQ = LORA_IQ_INVERTED;

Notes/Revisions history

  1. Created 7/2/2018 @ac8dg
  2. Revised 7/6/2018 @ac8dg changed outernet to othernet

Dreamcatcher 3.02

Dreamcatcher 2

  • Alternative Uses for Dreamcatcher 2





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