Will a 4 year old receiver still work?

I purchased a receiver 4 years ago. It worked well until I had to move the LNA for a backyard project.

I just ran across the 4 year old receiver and LNA in storage. Will an older unit still work on SES-2?

Thank you. Mark

what is the receiver using is it a dream catcher 3? send a picture of what the board looks like?

Very sorry for the delay.

I have an Outernet Dreamcatcher v3.03.

this should work with the current signal

Thank you very much. I will give it a try. Mark

Hi Mark,
You may need to upgrade to an Othernet Bullseye BE01 LNB, if you are not already using one. These are excellent, and available on the Othernet site: Bullseye 10 kHz Ultra High Stability Universal Single LNB – Othernet


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Also, Mark, take a look at the Wiki above with setup instructions, and don’t forget to tune to SES-2 with the new frequency specified. Ken

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Want to dust my DC 3.0 from 2018 out. I forgot what lnb I have but it’s a grey unit. Can you share if it’ll work and if the LNB is still good or I need to swap it out?

Should be fine. Feel free to post a picture of the label.