Will RPI3 rxOS work on RPI2 board?

I have been trying to make a receiver for Outernet. In the Outernet website, I am getting the rpi3 rxos . i am trying to use that in rpi2 board. Is there by any chance, where can i get the Rpi2 rxos for rpi2 board? I tried to search it all but i was not able to find the rpi2 rxos. Can i get any help in it?

I would suspect that it will just plain work. The hostapd stuff (the bit that does the wifi hotspot) might fail if you have no wifi dongle attached.

I might also try this if I get time today. I am over-run with RPi2’s but only have 2x RPi3.

Yep. It does. Just tried mine. No WiFi, just Ethernet.

Thanks Mark. I will check it today