Wind blew over DC

All of sudden wind picked up blew over tripod with DC on it. Cleanly ripped off Micro USB power connector. Looks like OTG connector working OK. Now using it. Any problems if I use OTG instead of power connector?

Welcome to the club… mine got hit by the dog… im powering by the otg fine…


Still like the first dent in a new car. Should have put a half knot in the cable and strapped it to something. Oh Well, life goes on.

I cant really complain, the DC and the antenna were taped (yes with blue painters tape) to a southern facing window… dog snatched the cable running by…

Dog says “I didn’t mean to … please forgive me”. And you say “no problem dog, all is well”.

The dog is the hardest working member of the family… she gets a pass…