Windows Chrome CHIP Flasher extension

Any chance you are going to build a package that will use the C.H.I.P. flasher utility that runs as an extension in the Chrome browsers?
I got the Oracle VM setup and Ubuntu installed, but I’ve spent too many hours trying to get Ubuntu prepared for flashing and I have not been successful.
I’ve had the latest version of Raspberry Pi running for three weeks and to date it has received nothing useful. It has received a lot of files, but non have shown up in the directories where they can be accessed. SO, I assume you are not supporting that platform anymore and decided to get CHIP, but that flashing process is, well, I’ve already talked about that.
CHIP has a flasher utility for the Chrome browser.

That tool is unfortunately not open and NTC has not enabled us to make our images for it. It would have been our preferred call as well.

Which version are you trying to install? You don’t need to install Ubuntu etc if you try the Skylark beta. That comes with a easy to use flasher. Check out the Skylark Beta thread for details.

Aside: could you explain what didn’t work while flashing?

Could you explain what you mean: what directories are they going into? Why can’t you access them?

While R Pi3 isn’t supported going forward, it should still be allowing you to view all the files being sent out. Nothing has changed on that front.

Speaking of Skylark, when you release it and send it out on the carousel, will I have to flash it like you describe in the Skylark Bata thread, or can I just use the firmware update tool in Librarian?

unfortunately it will have to be flashed. The firmware has changed very fundamentally at the lower levels - so the old update function is not capable of handling this switch from RxOS Librarian to Skylark.

The good news being, the Skylark release has a OTA function. So assuming no bugs in the OTA system, upgrades from here on out can be delivered over the satellite link.

the release is too large to be sent out over the carousel.

You guys are up late does that mean your about to release the NEW Skylark? if not when…My paperclip is twiddling with excitement to FEL.

:wink: hours, not days :smiley:

@Abhishek Well it’s been hours :slight_smile: So, when it’s released will a new thread be started to let everyone know that it is released, or is a notification be sent out via e-mail?

new thread here on the forums.

An email will be sent to everyone later.

Thanks for responding.
The flasher utility for the CHIP using Skylark is just too easy to worry with Raspberry Pi or anything else.
I have no idea where the files were going… they aren’t on the sd card…
Finally had 10 minutes to flash the CHIP and put it back outside to start receiving. Should know by tomorrow, but it’s already downloading a file.

Thanks, this is going to be fun.