Winegard MP1 Ku-band

Anyone have experience with this antenna?

The dishes provide a lot more gain, but any dish will do that. The LNB is not particularly precise, so it may take some time to find the Othernet carrier. Will just require some patience, that’s all.

I haven’t received mine yet , may I know when? I have purchase it early during the beginning of the project?

I read a post that said dish circular LNB has a different LO frequency so the Dreamcatcher frequency has to be changed to 11.4024 with a beam of 228. I tried everything with no luck. Anyone have any tips or success with the Winegard MP1?

You are correct in that the custom frequency would need to correct any differences in the L.O. of the lnbf. I can’t tell what to set to it for except to calculate from the ‘default’ which I think is 10.600 GHz on the othernet dual lnb or ( 10.750 GHz using the maverick lnbf ). This gets the signal down to what the dreamcatcher expects.

But note the beam type should be the 164. This sets the decoding settings on the dreamcatcher.

Edit: I think the dish lnb has a LO of 11.250 (500 different from maverick)
this means your custom frequency should be 12.1032 - .500 = 11.6032
and select “Maverick 1” in the lnb tuner setting

other users like @Syed may have a better way to setup your platform

I’ll give 11.6032 a try a little longer - initial response is no success. I am using the following LO - 11.750; frequency 11.6032, 164 for beam and custom selected/

  • Update - tried way late into the night without success. There are too many variables to figure it out easily without solid starting point. @ac8dg - Jim, you filled in some of the variables, but I guess the one that remains is the actual LNB LO frequency which will get the actual input freq under “custom” in dream catcher. The variables and (what I used): Pointing angles - not a factor, used the exact same ones as when using the naked avenger LNB. Frequency: America - 12.0132 (Custom: 11.6032) / Beam Type (164) / LNB: Dual LO: 9750/10600 or Single LO: 10750 (Single LO: 10750). From where I sit, I think the true unknown is the LO of the Winegard MP1 which will give the correct frequency for the Custom setting. Winegard is less than helpful as I have search to the end of the internet (I think I plugged it back in. . .) and found none of the specs for the original LNB, nor have a found a actual replacement LNB made for the dish.

My desired end state: I want to take the Winegard M1, install the dreamcatcher board in the base, along with a small battery and solar panel - end result could/should be a medium-sized box with the entire system. Next, I desired to use, but is a secondary desire, to use the MP1 for FTA as well as Othernet. The original MP1 has a two port LNB. Is the dish needed for the dreamcatcher? No. Is the possible increase in SNR, realized from the dish needed? No. A portable system that has a dual purpose is what I want. . .Sort of a satellite fly-away or go-box kit. Once or if I get to the above stage, I will look at how to include a small Kindle into the box. . . I don’t want to break the existing LNB because it always helps to be able to convert it back. . . I’ll pay a kings ransom if someone wants to engineer a easy replacement for the LNB.

Why do I want to do all of the above? I am a amateur radio operator as are many of us. I like to be able to display technology in a professional way. I also track the thread on SHTF and I complete satellite box like my vision could go a long way toward getting the information to the last mile. The dish, as stated is not needed, but from a SHTF fan situation, the ability to have a possible indoor dish, somewhat unseen could make a difference. I have some thoughts on the first mile(s), i.e. getting the information to the uplink, but once I mature my thoughts, I post in the correct thread.

Is the MP-1 designed for DirecTV? If so, it would be safe to assume that it has the same LO as other LNB for that network.

I think. . . it is 11.250

As you stated in the “Update”, some Winegard LNBFs have a LO freq of 10600. Common to these LNBs normally is the frequency 10750 for fta/Dish/Directv. Check your America frequency, should be 121032, beam type 164.

I just got word back from one of the satellite distributors. He states the input frequency for most of the older Winegard dishes is 12.2 to 12.75 which means its going to be above the 12.1032 needed of the SES 2 bird. Crap. . … well on to the next step: can anyone recommned a two port LNB that will work? Research shows that you can possibly pull the plastic covers off of an LNB, cut the neck off, file it down and shove it in the hole on the MP1. I also need to order a new pigtail - Syed - cost? You have a LNB and pigtail around?

@KE7WWT The microstrip filters on LNBs are not that tight. If the LNB was specified for 12.2 GHz on the low end, then 12.1032 should pass through without too much of a hit from the rejection of the filter.

I’ve been putting off setting up a benchtop system to test the MP1 that’s all dusty and cob-webby on a shelf somewhere. I might do that in the coming days.

What kin of pigtail do you need? Won’t the existing one on the Dreamcatcher work? The Avenger LNB is $10 with shipping included.

@Syed Let me know what you find out. I understand its not that high of a priority, but I want to get going on another piece, all dealing with ham radio, Othernet, and space-based APRS information, but it’s primarily on the Skylark (that part works) and the MP1. The pigtail sent is fine, but I wanted to have a spare as I work the mounting - - assuming I can get the MP1 to work. I did find some options using the MP1 - but they require removing the original LNB and replacing with a universal, but in doing so, I cannot fold the dish back into the box.

I have just finished reworking my MP-1 dish. changed out the LNB it came with and installed the Bullseye that came with the DC board. As a whole the system works great, trying to figure out how to mount the board and power supply, will provide pictures later.

Yes poeple have swapped the lnb for a ku band one but they require the older metal ones with a long neck like this one. They just cut the new lnb under the plastic top then sanded the neck to fit the mp1 hole. They also used a inline non powered passive signal amp.
In looking for one of these if simeone has one of these older metal ones I would be interested in purchasing it .