Wireless reboot of DC

Sorry to break current subject. Can wireless reboot of DC be done?
Then, I’ll say 73 and GN

yes, ssh in and issue a reboot command.

here is how you do it with a fairly up to date windows box.

  1. right click on your start menu and choose “Windows PowerShell”
  2. in the window that pops up type ssh [email protected] where XXX is whatever the address it is at.
  3. enter your password for the othernet account usually othernet
  4. type sudo reboot then press enter
  5. type your password once more.
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Thanks, audguy,
I should have thought of that. Maybe new feature on Skylark menu someday.

If you open the network app and click apply and reboot without changing anything it will reboot.


I have mine on a smart plug. That way I can just power cycle it from the smart plug app.

I do the reboot from Linux box. I figure if I don’t practice, I might forget how.