Wondering what direction you guys are going?


I’ve been playing with the outernet for a few weeks now and have a CHIP and Rasp PI running side by side. I really enjoy the current content. I was just wondering what you guys have been up to and are there any plans as far as future content and such?

I also saw somewhere that you were also teaming up with Khan Academy, just wondering what’s up with that?

I live on an Indian Reservation in SD and see the value that this can add to those that don’t have internet or hit or miss cell service. I can see one in each community and sharing content through the wifi.


@kb2sdrjay Thanks for the compliments. Right now we are focused on building a way to receive more content to a small, cheap receiver. The current daily download tops out at about 20 MB. We would like to figure out a way to increase that to 1GB, while simultaneously reducing our bandwidth costs. Once we do that, we can start delivering Khan Academy videos. We don’t have a formal relationship with Khan Academy, but that is not necessary to broadcast their content, as it is licensed Creative Commons.