Wordpress pages

How are wordpress pages being transferred to the outernet device? They are zipped right? Then transmitted, received, and unzipped, correct?

Is outernet sending the complete html or just xml (or alternative) and relying on a known stylesheet for wordpress pages? It seems to me that would be far more efficient. When I look at the source of the html pages, I see that there is a large stylesheet, base64 encoded inside each page. Might be more space efficient to keep one external stylesheet and reference it for all the wordpress pages.

Is outernet zipping the pages one at a time or sending groups of files. Compressing groups of text files could offer a much higher compression than sending one at a time.


Adding @Abhishek to this.

Obviously there would be some point where the compression savings would be at risk at being lost due to the need to maintain a signal lock for so long.

The entire goal is to keep the files independent of any other file.

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