Outernet Hardware

This section is for discussions related to hardware for use with Outernet.

General Othernet Discussions

This section is meant for general discussions related to Outernet and its technology, as well as philosophical topics.


We get a lot of questions about fulfillment, shipping charges, progress, and general interest in how things are going since we closed our campaign in January 2015. Rather than respond to all of those requests individually, hopefully we can answer some common questions here. Please read through this forum before you email us - if you have a question, it's likely someone else does too.

Outernet Software

This section contains topics related to Outernet software development.

Outernet Content

Use this topic to discuss what content should be broadcast over Outernet. If you would like to make a content request, you can tweet me (@ThaneRichard) with your suggestion. For adding content to Outernet, read this guide. You can also see more detail about content in our wiki.


As the section name says. For anything that isn't directly related to Outernet or this forum.


This category if for post related to security issues on Outernet equipment, home-made devices, and Outernet broadcast itself. This includes secure transmission of content, security of Outernet Wi-Fi hotspots, and secure management of Outernet receivers.

Blog Post Discussions

We are using our Discourse.org, the software that powers this forum, as the commenting system for our blog. All of comments and content are posted in both places, though you only need to make a comment in one location.

Outernet Technologies

This section is for technical discussions about the satellites and other technologies that are being used, or may be developed for use in the future, to deliver Outernet content to users.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Volunteering for Outernet

There have been dozens of email inquiries about volunteering for Outernet. Feel free to express your interest here. By talking about why you want to volunteer publicly, you'll probably inspire others to do the same.

Outernet - ABS-2/AsiaSat 5

[This section is mainly focusing on OUTERNET technology and related work with ABS-2 and AsiaSat-5 satellites.]

Outernet - Eutelsat 113W

Sections for Outernet users tuning into ES113W. Discussions in Spanish or Portugese welcome.