Case ideas for Outernet Hardware



+1 on the link. I hate redesigning parts that someone else has worked on. I will need an antenna mount for the patch and LNA for my gimble tracker setup for mobile.



Hello everyone!

I had some time and woked at my new Universal case yesterday.

More informations on the this Thread: Universal 3D printable Case

If you have an ideas os suggestions, feel free to post them :slight_smile:



This is reviving an old thread since the version 3.03 is now shipping,

My latest find… I think the dimensions are per the products page Dimensions 12 x 11.7 cm (4.7 x 4.6 in)

plastic with a slope front for the display ---- approx cost $11

hammond model 1599KSTSGY 5.51 8.66 inches

available from


Latest Portable Ku Band Lantern with Dreamctcher v3.03/Skylark 5.2

Here’s my latest packaging for a portable Ku Band Dreamcatcher Lantern . . .

I extended the Touch Screen from the DC board with a short extension cable and surface mounted it so I could access and use it.

I crafted an expandable cone (2" x 3" x 5") that slips over the LNB and collapses when not in use. It is a large stainless steel drinking cup with the bottom cut out. This configuration gives about a 2 dB SNR improvement as opposed to my 2" x 4" x 8" horn which gives a 4 dB improvement.

My thinking is a larger (longer with a larger top diameter) collapsible cup is required. I am running the Lantern from a solar charging battery pack. Ken


Ken, you’re amazing! Tell us about the solar charging pack.


I got the solar charging pack a couple of years ago back in the RaspberryPi days. It is 6,000 mAh portable charger with flip out solar cells. Figure how long that would run a Dramcatcher (DC) - - not very long.

It takes almost 10 hours of direct sun light to recharge it from dead, or you can plug it into a power cube for a faster charge. The down side of this unit (unlike the EasyAcc 20,000 which runs the DC and recharges; and acts as an uninterruptible power source during ac outages) is you can’t run the DC and charge the solar power pack from a power cube because the DC expends energy faster than the solar power pack charges.

I’ve seen other similar solar power packs in outdoor stores, but haven’t explored them. I use my solar power pack now when I travel for short duration operation of my DC. Ken


Several folks asked what the DC looked like with the cone collapsed. Here it is - -

I connected the bottom ring to the top of the LNB rather than sliding over and down to the case because it held better. If @Syed (and his team) come up with a better machined solution for a collapsible cone, it should be more conformal. Ken