Debian rather than Ubuntu

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Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu, cooperates with the China government.
Do not choose Ubuntu please.

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Here’s what they were actually doing:

According to Canonical, it’s working alongside the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to bring a suitable Ubuntu version to China. The operating system, which will be known as Ubuntu Kylin, is expected to be released
in April [2013].

That’s an old article, and the OS is already available. I don’t see anything bad coming out of it since, so your fears are groundless.

At any rate, unless there is something substantial, such as proof that a backdoor is installed, I don’t think it factors into our decision to broadcast or not broadcast.

EDIT: Also to throw my 2c against Ubuntu, I’m more concerned about the Amazon thing they ‘invented’. But again, since it’s going to be broadcast to people who generally don’t have Internet, I don’t think that’s such a big deal.

hi ,
as a linux user on kde (kubuntu) for almost a decade now, i have to say i really dont understand the discussion here about Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Puppy and you could say a couple more.
they ALL install .deb packages as far as i know…so without a doubt bringing a .deb package for outernet would open up the world to those few linux cracks always searching to get things running.
i guess it would be a tremendous boost for the community and the “cooperation” ;-).
but thats just my two cents

greets heka

As a Linux user, I can say maintaining support for various desktop distros is going to be difficult. :smile: Tho, I believe the original topic was which desktop Linux distro should be broadcast, not supported.