Dreamcatcher Case for Travel


After you account for the offset from that flat antenna, you should definitely have much, much higher SNR. The antenna gain of the MK1 is about 12 dBi, whereas the flat antenna is 26 dBi (if I remember correctly). The thing to remember, though, is that the higher the gain, the smaller the beam width, which makes pointing more difficult.

When you are talking about 1m reflector, the aperture of the antenna is the dish itself–the LNB (MK1) is largely irrelevant. That 1m aperture yields plenty of gain (~36dBi?), but also a really tiny beam width (~2 degrees).

My guess is that the flat antenna will work, it will just take a bit of trial and error.


Has anyone tried an 18" travel dish antenna ?


I took a look at one of my old Direct TV dish assemblies and found it might be a problem to adapt the MK1 to the offset feed arm - -

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The DirectTV or DISH arm doesn’t have the standard LNB holder bracket, so getting the MK1 into the focus spot might be a problem. Ken


Good point, maybe the technical guys can determine the specs or software modifications
if an lnb with a different LO then the 10.750 Ghz that is in the Maverick MK1

I have a Geosat sl1pll that is working since it has the same parameters as the Maverick

update : my research says direct tv and dish use a rectangular mount for this 18" dish the
lnb is circular 12.2-12.7 GHz and a 11.250 local oscillator to down convert to 950 -1450 Mhz

So unless I can find “latin America” version which has a lnb rated 11.450 - 12.200 and which
block converts down 10.500 to 950 -1700 Mhz. I would have build a bracket to hold a “standard” lnbf.

update 3 : found this … I’m getting closer it has 10.750 LO but DRO not PLL


they make a adapter for the LNB i found these 2 mounts for the maveric if this helps out at all? number 1 http://a.co/37QZAPB number 2 http://a.co/8btRDcp


Hard to say, but I think Number 1 will work best. If you want better pictures, please let me know and I’ll take them and send them. Ken


There is need for a Dreamcatcher case. And some design work on the development board.

  1. The board doesn’t fit any commercial available case.
  2. The mounting holes don’t align in any way.
  3. The placement of connectors on two sides of the boards adds difficulty.
  4. Holding the board while inserting connectors/sd cards causes the reset button to be pushed
  5. The placement of leds is random.
  6. The edge mounted connectors are not well positioned for any case.
  7. The display is just plunked in the middle of the board.
  8. Components are too close to the pcb edges to use a slotted mount system.
  9. Most system now use two or three pcb’s so that the RF deck can be a separate board.
  10. A plug in standard wifi board would be better then using the only usb port.
  11. There is no standard “expansion” slot. The gpio holes are useless.

My general recommendation. Choose a presentable case and design a marketable version v3.04.

Marketing just a development board is a hard sell.


I’m using #1 with old DIRECTV dish. I had to bent the bracket somewhat to get the best illumination. You can raise the Maverick-1 up and down about an inch and slide the LNB forward and backward too.


@ac8dg We agree completely. We’re now working on a proper finished product that is meant for non-technical people.


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