Include satfinder.apk on Skylark OS?

What is the size of the file?

Around 25KB, but i think i get it even smaller.

Ok let me know when you think it’s ready and I’ll broadcast it. I’ll also talk to Abhishek about including it in the next release.

Can a webapp access a phone’s compass and IMU, so that the satellite can be seen through the webapp, similar to a native app?

No that is not possible, at least not that simple if there is a way. I think the Compass aproach is way better then the VR Look trough a Phone.

If you have a compass and align to the heading it should be very easy to find the signal and adjust EL until the Signal is good.

Maybe the 25 cent compass would get you close, mold it into the plastic enclosure

That is what they ship with satellite dish mounts

thats a great Idea, why not include a Cheap Compass in the Box of the new DC?

It’s better than a Smartphone Compass :stuck_out_tongue:

Then add to your web screen next to the “heading” xxx.xx`
some text that interprets it to SW or S or SE
for those that are afraid of math numbers

well who isn’t able to use Numbers will have a bad time aligning the LNB anyway, but a good idea to add something like SW and so on.

Got it @ac8dg :slight_smile:

Those cheap compasses are amazingly bad. I had a half-dozen different types. They are just frustrating to use–the compass on a phone is much, much better. We were planning on placing a compass on the enclosure, but the cheap ones just suck.

figured I would order one of these for $1.71 because it printed the degrees on the compass rose bezel.

probably a piece of junk… but for price it would be a starting point.

I have found that despite lacking jewel and dampening the inexpensive mass market Chinese dry baseplate compasses, if the rotating degrees bezel is inspected to ensure it is glued down, are usable and accurate if the user understands to keep the compass level and away from magnetic interference.

Looks great, but either a pulldown of nearby city or a clickable map or series of area map ie: North Africa or Europe would make it easier than assuming that people know their lat/lon coords. One possibility is to include lat/lon of the postal address the receiver was mailed to, a printed location label could be applied to an included printed operator manual.

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My guess is that most people want an Othernet device will have access to a smartphone. There may be a few who only have laptops but I suspect they are in the minority.

So for most just looking at the GPS device already in their hand would work. I like the idea of adding it to the postage label though…

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It is not possible doing that Offline. A map or Postcode/City to Cords needs a Online service to be good.

If you are in some ruel area you will have your GPS cords. Either from Your Phone or from a GPS Device from Garmin or so. Everyone that goes to the wildness has some sort of GPS capeable Device.

City lookup also only works when you are near a city, so being on a Boat or just far away from a city will make such a thing unuseable.

A postal code for a city or town within ~50-100 km of the users install point should not change the point of aim very much, after that rough direction is established and printed for the user they will use the signal strength meter anyways to do fine aim.

Weather app might be handy here…

(check bottom left corner)

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This is a good idea, even when there is “no data” on initial startup, the basemap is clickable and zoom in giving a lat and long (with the correct E/W N/S). It could then be the inputs to tysonpowers’ app to get pointing angles and elevations to within +/- a couple of degrees. That should get the first signals, then minor tweakings to optimize based on the snr or flashing rate of the pkt led on the boards.

edit-- correction… it does NOT work with ‘no-data’ … I guess the solution would be to include an out of date data file with the image sd card to be supplied with first install.