Librarian on Android


That is odd. What version of Android are you running this on?


omnirom for i777, android version 4.4.4. That shouldn’t matter though.

Deprecated since version 2.6: The statvfs module has been removed in Python 3.


I moved the downloaded files from tmp/zipballs to tmp/downloads/content and can now add content to my library. The script may want to dump these files to the content directory, not tmp/zipballs.


That’s not relevant in this case, since we’re using os.statvfs(), which apparently isn’t part of the deprecated statvfs module. Librarian has been developed against Py3.4 and then ported to Py2.7 just recently.

Indeed. Bob and I were fixing that yesterday. He’ll be setting up a proper GitHub repo so I guess this change will be in there.


I believe the name you were looking for there is Ben?

The dashboard doesn’t work, true. I assumed that this was probably because it was looking for an antennae from which to download the datastream and was getting an error code for it. This is an entirely unfounded hypothesis. I intend to investigate it once i have the wrapper set up to my satisfaction.

I have just updated the script to be more straightforward. The update can be found here. I’m having a funny issue where it prints twice, but if you just tell it what you want to do twice it goes through. I expect i’ll fix that soon as i have a three day weekend starting this morning, so expect a good deal of progress over the next 60 hours or so. I hope to have that fork up and running soon as well.


Yes. Sorry about that. :smiley:

Dashboard doesn’t have anything to do with any receiver/communication interfaces. It merely displays the Librarian’s own logs, and some basic stats.


No worries :smile:

Good to know. I’m looking into integrating my updating code a little more smoothly then ill turn my attention elsewhere.

Also I just got paid so a shopping spree is defimitely about to distract me.


Enjoy your shopping. :smile:


Update from yesterday’s bug-fixing. Android seems to be missing statvfs header, which makes the os.statvfs() call fail on Android (and therefore the Dashboard doesn’t work correctly). As a temporary measure, we’ve decided to disable the functionality in which os.statvfs() is used (disk space calculations) on platforms where this is not available. We’ll look for a workaround.


I have a running ORx86 on my unbuntu 15.10 /64. More exactly the ondd working fine, receive and save the broadcasted files. But the librarian isnot uptodate. In the last time was changed the file manager subsystem, so, the downloaded files can browse relatively easy in the downloaded dirs.
Here come up my idea: to see the project, runing librarian on android, it would be nice to access the downloaded files on the i86 desktop from an adroid device, accessible on local wifi. To put the downloaded files under the web server isnot a problem, but I dont know, how can access this from librarian, runing on an android.


ORx86 has not yet been updated to NGFM.

The version of librarian used on android is also quite old, and hasn’t been worked on in a year or so. Librarian on android was a side project of mine before i joined the team, and it did not get anywhere near releasable quality.

Copying files to your android instance would probably not be useful as the files are probably not compatible. If you wanted to, check in the librarian dir where you run librarian from for a librarian.ini file. That will have a key that should tell you where files go. Something like “tmp/” most likely.


Thank you for the info: there are in the librarian.ini the parameters, where the librarian read and write the files. But, if the two main parts running on different devices and on different op system, it seems, it is the only way to access this direcory tree, on a common network filesystem. My android knowledge is very limited, but it seems, it need a rooted android and the adb tool, to mount and access the filesystem on another machine.


No need for a fully rooted android device, there are several apps in the play store that have servers of some kind in them. For example, a search for ftp server turns up a lot of results.

Did you figure out where you need to put content?


I didnot modify anything, it is the orx86-0.1, and the default output dir is:
Is it possible to ftp-ing all the contents of this dirs into android with an app?


Yep, totally possible. But you’ll need to figure out what directory you need to put files into on the android device.

Then just install some ftp server on android, grab some ftp client on your computer (like filezilla) and send files to the appropriate directory. Should technically work.

However, as i stated before the android software is out of date and will probably not be compatible with the current content.


Ok, it was only an idea.
For temporaly use, I pointed the browser to the download dirs, and check the downloaded files on the desktop. It is usefull in this half-ready state to check the downloads when my desktop is on.


why would you do that?