Outernet 3.0: 30kbps now, 100kbps eventually - even smaller antenna


I’m thinking --based on link I reference previously-- there are four interface options:
8080 8 bit parallel
8080 16bit
3 wire spi
4 wire spi
either pin or ffc connector

then either 3.3 or 5. vdc and which font’s chip ER3304-1 ?

Since I should get my dc next week… maybe I can figure which interface is used???
Then order a larger TFT display that uses the same interface ???
maybe this 7" with 800 x 480



I don’t know enough about TFT displays to tell you what is compatible with the TFT display that appears to be used for Outernet. We’ll need to investigate what the possibilities are for a larger display once the kit comes in.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


I ordered 2 PLL LNB for another purpose (AMSAT PHASE4 Es’Hailsat 2) and opened one of them
as I did not believe I actually received PLL LNB, it was indicated nowhere on the packaging or in
the spec sheet.
But indeed it contains a 25 MHz crystal to lock the 9750 or 10600 MHz local oscillator…
Quite amazing, as these are TWIN LNB (two outputs) and they cost 9.50 euro each including shipping.
The type is STAR COM SR-3602 MINI. I’ll try installing one soon and see if I can find some stable
carrier (e.g. beacon) to check the stability on an SSB receiver…


not to bring up old thread but I would be willing to pay 50 to 100 a year for two way access, this would be great way to expand aprs and other ham radio digital modes around the world…


Thanks. That’s a useful data point to have. Would it need to be on-demand data access, or could it be like a store-and-forward transmit service?


would need to be near or at real-time… if you were to setup an igate for APRS traffic would be a neat test as APRS packet is only going to be a couple hundred bytes (0.2 kb) at the absolute maximum… also would be neat to do your own RockBLOCK style service (Iridium)… is that how a store and forward service work?


even the ablity to do text based email would be huge or some sorta old style message board system so communication can still happen those are 2 ideas to add on to @Gavin_Groce idea


Ideas for “store and forward”.

Currently the aprs messages are called “high flux” and seem to only be transmitted once. If you happen to miss it… it is gone. This is fine for most routine status messages but for a store and forward message this really does not have a high probability of delivery.

Possible ideas for important “store and forward” messages might be getting them into the carousal and on a schedule for multiple transmission over a time period… say 6 hours or 24 hours. This doesn’t meet @Gavin_Groce desire for near or real-time but it might improve the probability of message being received by the designated recipients.

I am most interested in aprs messages that have a desired delivery window of 30 minutes from them entering the internet based aprs-is system.


What about MQTT…

why not pull instead of push …


@Syed, is there any update you can share regarding APAC coverage? I’m in Thailand and would love to test. Also, any update on the timeline for availability of production Dreamcatcher? Thanks in advance for any info.


No new news yet. Possibly something I might be able to share in a month or so, but definitely no guarantees it will go anywhere.

We have 900 Dreamcatchers in stock. Will likely start selling next week.


Very glad to hear this!


After reading your description of future changes and because I remain a complete newbie I need to describe my confusion as somebody who was impressed by the Outernet project and who bought into what then appeared a straight forward product of a SBC, an amplifier/filter an SDR and a planar passive antenna. This worked for a while with a couple of rubber bands holding the original shipping box lid at the correct angle to receive even through a South facing first floor window (British first floor) as the angle here in Manchester UK is fairly shallow. But after a few months the SBC appeared to stop booting. The response to my email was the supply of a different amplifier? A much larger board. But no explanation of what was supposed to go where! This has left me isolated, out of contact. I am currently in Spain and will not return until August. But I have notifications set so that any further questions can be answered hopefully to resolve the dark place I now find myself in? With thanks, still think the project is fantastic, hip research like DIY fungal culture kits to spray into the eves of houses in malaria ridden areas to kill the female Anophales mosquito? Practical Action Library could be licensed for broadcast - complete micro-economic solutions, technological solutions from local people made available for similar problems elsewhere on the planet, the smokeless cooking stove? Who needs to talk to whom? Outernet can make the difference, I believe in this project. With many thanks.