Rachel on external SD card DC V3.xx

@maxboysdad many thanks for you answer.

But this .htmlf file contains php code. php scripts are executed by the web server. This means that they are not executed at the client. As I have noticed, the Skylark web server cannot execute php code.

Is it possible to activate php in Skylark’s webserver?

Or will php be integrated into Skylark’s web server in the future?

Thank you

Sorry, I am just another user/member, and this is a bit over my head. I will defer to @Abhishek or @Syed for a definitive answer.

No, adding php support to Skylark is not possible.

Are there no static variants of the RACHEL german database? There is no real reason for it to need php - the english version works without it.

@Abhishek Thanks for your answer.

I downloaded the RACHEL modules for the German and English Wikipedia versions ( ftp.worldpossible.org/zipped-modules). Both versions use PHP (e.g. for searching).

Did you download an other archive of the English Wikipedia version?


@kenbarbi Maybe you can include these steps in your documentation?

By the way, the optional Wikipedia modules do not work under Skylark because php is not supported.

I may be wrong on this, but I think the versions that work are the USB versions?

Linked to from here: https://store.worldpossible.org/products/rachel-usb

No German offered I’m afraid, so it may be a case of creating a flat HTML only version using wget of a similar tool.

Sam’s right - - Rachel needs to be the USB version, but I think that’s what you downloaded. Yes, the separate modules are a pain. Look at my Rachel on my External micro SD card at It is the USB version without extra modules and comes up right a way if I use the Skylark Reader. Ken


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@kenbarbi @sam_uk @Abhishek Many thanks for your anwser.

You have to choose between the RACHEL module “Wikipedia for Schools” and the additional Wikipedia modules.

“Wikipedia for Schools” is just a small selection of Wikipedia articles. These are stored as static html files. Skylark’s web server can only handle static pages. This is sufficient here.

But I want to use the additional module “de-wikipedia” or “en-wikipedia”. However, these modules use dynamic php files. Skylark’s web server can’t handle this. The articles are stored in zim files. zim files can also be read with the software kiwix (https://www.kiwix.org/en/downloads/).

It is possible to install the kiwix reader in Skylark?

BTW: There are extensions for Firefox and Chrome. After the installation you select under “Configure” all *.zim?? files and has the complete Wikipedia under “Home”.

I seem to remember if you unpick a zim file you’ll just find HTML inside, so you could extract the HTML and copy it to your SD, or use a tool to create your own HTML files.

This might help? http://xowa.org/index.html I’ve not used it, or you could try wget the program I mentioned earlier, or https://www.httrack.com/