1st Cryptocurrency in Outer space thanks to Outernet

Hi all

Big Thanks to the Outernet team for the bandwidth for our QR code Private key…

A single HAM private key QR code in .png image format is being broadcast from Outer Space via Outernet, the file was recently uplinked by the teleport and bounced off of six different satellites. You can see all of the delivered files on the online version of the Librarian, the Outernet user interface:


The HAM private key has 100 HAM available to the first person to find import and move the HAM to their own private wallet.

HAM public key 1Ga37GXMS6fMc9WhBEgtJWiESppwxooFUy


If you would like to learn more you can visit our bitcointalk thread.or the HAM website


We would love to do more with the Outernet team and possibly get a full blockchain on the outernet,
at the very least it should help bring more attention to the Outernet project.

If you install a HAM wallet and post a public HAM address here in the thread I will send your team some coins to mess around with… The addy you published on Outernet is a private key, normally you don’t publish a private key it has control of the coins, where as the public key is just for inbound transactions. Kinda like pgp but with currency :smile:

Very cool stuff guys, Thanks again

You are very welcome. How large is the blockchain?

It’s about 450 mb currently… but we were thinking about some alternate means of use as well, this was just a proof of concept if you will. Someone on our bitcointalk thread said it was akin to a
"Infinite Improbability Drive" especially since we can send more coins for withdraw at any time since we used a private key. but a public key could be sent as well. It definitely has possibilities, kinda like using a bow and arrow to shoot a string across a divide and later pulling across a rope with the string =)

Haha, that’s a perfect way to put it.

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I didn’t see much in the ON threads about QR code use. It seems as if the QR image quality was high enough it could contain a data payload as well. Possibly giving way to additional bandwidth without actually using any additional bandwidth.


Feel free to shoot another arrow :wink:

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